Authors Chosen for the December 2019 Issue

The 10 Authors Chosen for 
the December Issue are:
D. Avery
Natalia Cwiklinska
Ariana Ferrante
Ellie Goss
Nancy Holzner
Jason Lane
Fran Laniado
Rose Strickman
Jade Wilburn
Tara Williams

EC would like to thank everyone who submitted to this December issue. We received so many well written stories that choosing the final ten was difficult. We wish we could have picked more, but our budget per issue limits us. If your work was not picked this time around, please do submit again to a future issue.

ART: "The Snow Queen" by Charles Robinson


  1. I am thrilled to be here, and thank Enchanted Conversations for the opportunity to share my work.


  2. Thank you for choosing my story. This is such a beautiful magazine. I can't wait for the latest edition.

  3. Once again a joy to be among those sharing their stories with subscribers to Enchanted Conversation.


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