FAIRY TALE FLASH - The Mortality of a Fae by Amelia Brown

She was tired of living.
But immortality once bestowed
is not easily shaken...
There is a tale, so it goes, that tells of a great love learned by one of the Fae. This is her story:

Day rolled into day, year into year, and still Aine lived.   She was tired of living, for there were no more tales to learn, no more thoughts to unfold. A millennium is too long to live in any world. But immortality once bestowed is not easily shaken. Thus it was that she was drawn to the world of mortals. For Aine was fascinated by humankind; their loves, their works, their deaths. Especially their deaths. Death seemed so poignant, filled with all intensities of meaning for these mortals who lived first, and then died. How they wept and mourned, keened, and wailed following a mortal's ceasing. And yet, the strength of mortal feeling—Aine could not imagine what it would be like to be filled with such grief; unbearable, unconquerable. Aine walked the mortal lands, peering from between the leaves of trees at t…

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