TREE OF HEARTS by Amanda Bergloff

I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day with this tale I wrote inspired by this day of love exclusively for Enchanted Conversation. Enjoy! -Amanda Bergloff “And what mischief are you up to today, my sweet, my columbine?”

Nivall thought the whisper came from inside his own mind, so soft the words were, only the rustle in the leaves let him know she was really there.

“Only the type of mischief that you love best, my rose, my monkey,” he replied without turning his head, afraid that the slightest movement might make her leave.

“Then let me join you, my dear, my ardor,” Elandel said, settling herself on the branch next to him.

She laughed and small stars shook loose from her hair. Her breath was sweet and cold. It was everything he desired in this world, and he fought to hide it from her by not gazing at her directly.

“Oh look, “ she said, placing her pale hand on his dark shoulder, “down there…There is a lad who looks forlorn. Do you see? He wanders so aimlessly. Let us give him so…